Secure Your Structure With Sturdy Retaining Walls

Secure Your Structure With Sturdy Retaining Walls

Hardscaping installation in Amissville, Culpepper, VA & the surrounding areas

We can help you get a beautiful outdoor living area with a professional hardscaping installation. Whether you need retaining walls to help prevent rain erosion or you want to enhance your overall curb appeal, you have come to the right place. American Landscapes & Patios LLC has over 20 years of experience with landscaping and hardscaping services. You can feel confident in choosing us for your brick or stone retaining wall installation on your Amissville, VA property.

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4 benefits of having a retaining wall

You should not only incorporate hardscaping features for looks, but also for functionality. Our hardscaping services can help you add depth and diversity to your yard while making it easier for you to maintain all year long. A retaining wall can:

  1. Increase property value and enhance curb appeal
  2. Help lessen soil erosion
  3. Sinkhole prevention
  4. Lower the risk of flooding

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